Dec 13 2013


Fresh Plaza Magazine

With demand for fresh produce growing in the United Arab Emirates, importers there are preparing for an influx of more fruit and vegetables from all around the world.

“The demand for fresh produce is high, and it’s growing,” said Gladess Mattar of KAF Group, one of the United Arab Emirate’s largest distributors of fresh fruits and vegetables. “The demand is huge, and the variety and prices are very important due to over 200 nationalities living in the U.A.E.” She credits the role the country has taken up in the Middle East as a reason for that strong growth.

“It’s one of the Middle East’s most important economic centers,” said Gladess Mattar. “It’s a regional trading and tourism hub, and since it’s a fast growing country, it is attracting more and more foreigners.” The standard of living is fairly high in the country, so consumers tap into the healthy eating habits that favor higher consumption of fresh produce. In anticipation of future growth, KAF has developed a plan that includes keeping up on industry trends, innovating on those trends and cultivating strong business relationships.

“Demand will get bigger,” said Gladess Mattar. “The challenge will be to maintain and upgrade our level of quality and service linking us to the growth taking place in the region.”

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