Jun 11 2020


Fresh strawberries are one of the most prevalent, energizing and nutritious fruits. There are over six hundred types of strawberries. Consuming high amounts of strawberries can be associated with healthy body weight, hair, skin and high amounts of energy.

Heart Disease

A study that has been conducted states that consistent consumption of anthocyanins which flavonoids found in berries, can help aid in reduction of heart attacks by thirty two percent. Quercetin which is also a flavonoid found in strawberries, is a natural anti-inflammatory agent that decreases the risk of high blood pressure and atherosclerosis. High amount of polyphenol properties are found in strawberries can assist and prevent the threat of cardiovascular disease by averting platelet build up and lower blood pressure levels. The potassium and fiber properties found in strawberries also help aid in good heart health.


The antioxidants anthocyanins, kaempferol, and quercetin have all demonstrated to decrease the development of destructive blood clots connected with strokes. High potassium consumption has also been related with a lower risk of a stroke.

Blood Pressure

Due to the large amounts of potassium in strawberries it is suggested to individuals with high blood pressure to assist the negative effects of sodium. Low amounts of potassium intake has the same risk factors as high intake of sodium.


Strawberries might be an exceptional selection for individuals who have diabetes. They contain high fiber content and low glycemic index fruit, which assists in controlling blood sugar levels. Strawberries contain high amounts of flavonoids, which can promote healthy memory and prevent kidney and brain complications.